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Raised and based out of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Area, The Quiroz Bros. have been film-buffs since they were kids growing up in the '80s and have been writing screenplays and stories since 1994.

Fresh out of college they wrote, produced and directed their first feature film and established their production company Pumpkin Patch Pictures in 1996 and haven't looked back.

The comedy, which they shot on 16mm film for under $3,000, went on to be accepted and screened at a handful of film festivals. Since then, they haven't stopped writing, producing and directing films.

They have over 20 projects under their belt to date. In addition to their films, they have also directed several music videos and written a novel, the serial-killer thriller "For They Have Sinned" (pictured on right).

Their films have been released worldwide and are available for rental/purchase/download through all major video stores and retailers.

Two of their films have made it into the coveted Blockbuster Top 200 for the year and the Quiros Bros. were recently named two of the top 10 straight-to-video filmmakers in the country by Variety/DVD Premieres.

Their horror feature "Death Row" premiered at Fangoria's Weekend Of Horrors to packed screenings.

The Quiroz Bros.' latest release is the paranormal horror "Deliverance From Evil" starring Angel Aviles ("Mi Vida Loca," "Desperado,"), Jose Rosete ("I Got Five O It," "San Franpsycho") and features a cameo from horror icon Victor Miller (writer/creator of "Friday The 13th").

Two of their recent scripts, "Blood Type," and original horror film homage to the '80s and "Brother From Another Mother," a laugh-out-loud comedy in the tradition of "The Hangover," which were written for $40 million dollar budgets, are currently making the rounds in Hollywood.

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The debut serial-killer novel by the Quiroz Bros. "For They Have Sinned.

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